_Mark_ (eichin) wrote,

Insert New Hobby Here (alternate title: I CAN HAS BOAT)

I was reminded by catching up with people at the cider party that I haven't updated in rather a while... so:


Finally got ahold of a boat! Just a tiny little one, but it's enough to get me out on the calm bodies of water around here so I can get at the marshes and photograph things that I can't otherwise reach via land. (This will include the Sudbury River, which is often described as "a long narrow lake" by boaters looking for more excitement...) It's nice having an alternate mode of transportation that, including all safety gear, packs easily in the trunk of the Mini :-)

The improved "reach" of the little Olympus has really gotten me to shoot more. Significantly more. As in, about a hundred pictures a day (skewed towards the weekends, but I rarely take fewer than 25 pictures on a random weekday.) Passed the twelve thousand picture mark some time last week...

As usual, MetaCarta is hiring - my second "spinoff" (full time release engineer) is succeeding well enough that I'm spending more than half of my time actually coding now - but we are growing in many other areas, not just "stuff Mark used to do" :-) (And as you can see from flickr I've had my weekends free for rather a long time now...)

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