_Mark_ (eichin) wrote,

Slowly moving on...

Notice something missing?

I haven't hosted a chocolate party in a while, so this won't exactly be a familiar view... but there's no Hummer in this picture :-) As a possible hint of (local) economic recovery, I got two inquiries about it from interested buyers over the course of a few weeks, and since I've really been "done" with it since I got the Mini Convertible it's nice to get out of maintenance mode and hand it off to someone who'll actually use it - having it occupy my driveway just ended up feeling wasteful.

Also, while it was a highly entertaining toy ("Tonka Truck for grown-ups!") especially before I started commuting again, I have to admit to attaching a certain amount of apocalyptic paranoia to it... and yet I've now been to the Berlin Wall in person, seen entirely different narratives take over worldwide attention, and to quote a favorite writer, it's been ... long enough for my early life to now be "period piece." Getting rid of it can perhaps serve as a proxy for some long-overdue moving on.

Besides, if I'm going to implement anything from Prof. Thrun's PROGRAMMING A ROBOTIC CAR class, I'll need a much more modern drive-by-wire platform as a starting point :-)


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